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93% SEO

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93% of search engine traffic comes from Google!

SEO is more than just keywords. In the past, SEO was primarily about optimizing a website's content for specific keywords. However, modern SEO takes a more holistic approach, considering factors such as user intent, mobile optimization, and social media signals.

Custom SEO Campaigns
We Support Our Clients

Automatit supports our clients in all aspects of modern SEO algorithms to ensure your customers find what they need when searching for your service. We start with technical SEO, making sure that your website is set up properly, loading quickly, and ready for mobile users. Just like with our ad strategy, we utilize natural language processing to optimize for voice search - not only is it being used increasingly often, but it has changed the phrasing people use when searching. 


Successful SEO Campaigns
should be all inclusive

SEO Algorithms

Ensure Customers Find Services

Faster Loading Times for Pages

Mobile Friendly Websites

Optimized Key Word Searches

Natural Language Voice Search

Ready to Take Your SEO to The NEXT LEVEL?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website must be optimized for desktop and mobile users because user experience is the most important element of SEO. Search engines are sophisticated enough to determine whether a user found what they were looking for on your website. We use heat mapping, consumer research, A/B testing and other methods to ensure every site we build has SEO best practices baked in. 

Critical Content for SEO

Many elements of SEO like back-links, social media, and blogs are more relevant for industries like e-commerce, professional blogs, and SaaS. When a potential customer is searching with high intent for something like a home or storage unit, things like pricing, amenities lists, and layouts become far more critical content to have on your site. Reviews and a well managed Google my Business page are also powerful content when it comes to influencing rank. Automatit can advise on where to spend time and resources based on your industry. 

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