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Flex Template

For clients who aren’t ready for a custom website, we’ve built the next best thing. The Flex Template has a more modular design that allows clients to pick and choose what they want in their design while maintaining everything you need.

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Key Features That are Provided
With Our Self-Storage
Template Websites

Fast Turn Arounds

Six-eight weeks design and development time

Target Range Investments

Quicker launch and lower initial investment

All Inclusive Package

Designed with everything you need, and nothing you don’t

Safe and Secure

All rental transactions happen on our secure server

*Dependent on Property Management System Used
*Different templates accommodate different max facilities

Ready to Take The Next Step in Creating Your Perfect Website?


Family Storage Template

The Family Storage template is designed to bring a more modern look and feel to your website, giving visitors the information they need upfront about your facility, so they have everything they need to make a decision.

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